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SmileFaith Foundation has been providing “HOPE WITH EVERY SMILE” since it’s beginning in 2009. As a faith-based 501c3 nonprofit, SmileFaith brings charitable dental care and Christian inspiration to under-served Veterans, disadvantaged residents of the Appalachian Mountains, and others in need through several unique programs. SmileFaith’s professional network also affords dental practitioners with exceptional opportunities for community service, advanced dental training and professional growth.

SmileFaith Foundation operates from the generous giving of our donors and volunteer staff. Hundreds of dental professionals and caring organizations bring vital services and critical funding for our under-served Veterans and disadvantaged residents. If you are interested in becoming a SmileFaith Partner (Donor or Volunteer) please email us directly at info@smilefaith.org.

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Serving Our Veterans

What We Do

SmileFaith Foundation is an organization that hosts volunteer opportunities for dental, and medical professionals in Tampa Bay, Florida and the Appalachian Mountains of Southeastern Kentucky. In particular, volunteers are welcomed to work with patients who live below poverty level or have no access to dental care whatsoever. Serving the Lord is only as limited as our imaginations as He is able to do abundantly more than we could ever ask or imagine. If you are in need of more information or would like to volunteer with SmileFaith, please contact us directly at: info@smilefaith.org


Dentistry For Ministry

Get Involved

SmileFaith is looking for dental professionals and community members to contribute time, resources or funds to help give back to our Veterans & Communities! We are working with Veterans in the South Eastern United States by providing free & low-cost dental services to those who need it most. If you are interested in joining a team that makes an impact on the lives of those who have served. Here at SmileFaith Foundation we want to provide you an opportunity to give back domestically while having fun doing some team-building exercises with your staff. If you are interested in volunteer opportunities, or would like to sponsor SmileFaith Foundation, please contact us directly: info@smilefaith.org

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SmileFaith is a non-profit organization that supports veterans and community families in need. SmileFaith receives donations to fund the dental costs of our patients, which means we rely on your generosity. We strives to restore the smiles of those veterans who have sacrificed so much in serving their country, and make sure they can live as comfortably as possible. We are serving those who have already served. Help us restore smiles by making a donation today!


SmileFaith Foundation offers volunteer opportunities for dental professionals and more. SmileFaith encompasses many programs not only for dentists, but also volunteers from all professional backgrounds–you might be the one to fill a gap in our organization! Contact us today at: info@smilefaith.org

Out of state dentists, please complete our application below so that we can connect with you as soon as possible, and see how your skill sets could help us achieve our mission.

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Support Our Veterans

SmileFaith Veterans Dental Clinic is a program that cares for the under-served veterans of Pasco County, Tampa Bay and surrounding areas who do not have access to VA dental benefits (about 95% of all vets). The charitable clinic also serves to relieve suffering and inspire hope by providing free, and low-cost services to Veterans.

Restore Hope With Every Smile

Hope With Every Smile is a unique outreach that seeks to lift women up through smile makeovers, community connections, and inspirational resources. You are invited to join this cause providing hope for many in need- domestic abuse survivors, human trafficking victims, aged out foster care children, and those struggling with drug addiction.

Serving Our Communities

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Who Qualifies For Assistance?

SmileFaith Foundation provides a variety of programs that serve patients from all walks of life and socioeconomic backgrounds. There are 4 categories of patients eligible for service through SmileFaith programs:

We offer the general public services at an affordable suggested donation. All proceeds go to support SmileFaith Veterans Dental Clinic, which helps us continue to offer more free & low-cost services to those who need it most.

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