Smiles 4 Veterans

SmileFaith Veterans Dental Clinic is a program that cares for under-served Veterans of Pasco County, Tampa Bay, and surrounding areas who do not have access to VA dental benefits (about 95% of all Veterans). The charitable clinic also serves to relieve suffering and inspire hope for disadvantaged residents during scheduled community events. Thanks you for supporting SmileFaith Foundation and our deserving Veterans! If you would like to get involved with SmileFaith Foundation, contact us today!

The SmileFaith Veterans Dental Clinic is not affiliated with the Veterans Administration (VA). We are only able to bless our deserving Veterans through your generous contributions, and through support from our volunteer staff & dentists.

"Serving Those Who Have Already Served"

New Policy Change For SmileFaith Veterans Dental Clinic

  1. Due to the overwhelming response, there may be waiting periods associated with appointment times. We rely solely on volunteers and donations to operate our charitable clinic.
  2. Veteran patient eligibility requirements can be found below, or you can stop by the clinic at 5400 School Road, New Port Richey, FL. 34652
  3. Patients must call 727-261-1211 or visit the clinic to be scheduled for dental care.
  4. Patients needing immediate dental care may receive a resource sheet from the front desk listing other “free or low-cost” dental care options in the Tampa Bay area.
  5. As always, “Thank you for your service to our country!”

Free Dental Services Currently Being Offered Include:

Cleanings (Prophy)
Simple Extractions

Other procedures are subject to low-cost donations

Surgical Extractions
Oral Surgery
Deep Cleaning (Perio)
Crowns & Bridges
Partials & Dentures

Veterans Who Qualify For Assistance Must Apply At The Clinic In Person And Must Bring Proper Documentation

Veterans must meet the following qualifications in order to use the Veterans Dental Clinic:

  1. Must be a Veteran of the US Armed Forces.
  2. Must have an Honorable Discharge.
  3. Must be ineligible for VA Dental Benefits.
  4. Must be financially challenged (cannot exceed income level over 200% of 2020 Federal Poverty Income Level (FPL) *To be determined during application process.
  5. Must have transportation to New Port Richey clinic location for your appointments.

Bring the following documents along with you when applying for service at SmileFaith Veterans Dental Clinic:

  1. Photo ID
  2. DD214 Discharge Form or other proof of prior military service.
  3. List of current medication, vitamins & natural supplements.
  4. Name and phone number of your primary care physician who you see regularly.
  5. Proof of income (Last 2 pay stubs; last form W2 or Form 1040; letter from social security; bank statement.)