Tom Lane, former Navy chaplain, pastor and entrepreneur searched for a meaningful way to give back by helping people smile again. The journey began over 12 years ago when a local transitional facility asked Tom if he could help one of their new residents named “Rosemarie”. She had recently completed the Pasco County Drug Court Program, emerging from a life filled with addictions and homelessness. Together, Tom and his team gave Rosemarie the opportunity of a wonderful new life. Rosemarie’s hope and life purpose was slowly, but steadily restored through caring discipleship and life-changing mentoring. And to give a renewed sense of self-worth and improved health, a smile makeover repaired years of dental neglect and trauma with a beautiful, new smile. Rosemarie remains an integral part of SmileFaith Foundation, working tirelessly to bring hope and healing to others in need.

Since 2009, SmileFaith has provided charitable dental care and life-changing resources for under-served Veterans; survivors of Human Trafficking and Domestic Violence; young adults “aging out” of Foster Care; residents of impoverished Appalachia; individuals in recovery; and communities in Central America, South America and North America.